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RASLAO LLC has been existing for the past forty eight (48) years, it was established in the year 1976. We have been in the business of remodeling and repairs for that long! As a result, we have added colour and beauty to many homes and offices and have got many satisfied in the process!

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Electrical Services - RASLAO LLC
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Home Maintenance

We carry out routine inspection aimed at preserving and enhancing the functionality, safety, and appearance of a residential property. Such as: HEATING, VENTILATION & AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS, EXTERIOR MAINTENANCE, LANDSCAPING / LAWN CARE & PEST CONTROL. 

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Painter Services

We beautify your house with good colours, we give it a FACE LIFT by improving the AESTHETICS, we preserve its appearance and protect it against weathering. This includes tasks such as PAINTING, POWER WASHING, AND REPLACING SIDINGS. 

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Electrician Services

We carry out ELECTRICAL SYSTEM CHECKS for potential hazards, checking outlets, and ensuring that the wiring is in good condition. We address any issue with electrical components promptly as discovered. We also carry out the overall WIRING OF HOUSES AND OFFICES too.

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Carpenter Services

Our capenter services deals with your roofing and flooring needs, leakage repairs and other wood works within homes and offices. We also provide custom made services in this line. Let's discuss your specific needs today!

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Home Plumbing

Our home plumbing services involve the installation, repair, and maintenance of plumbing systems within residential and offices. We get your water supply, drainage, and sanitation systems in good shape.

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Handyman Services

We are skilled and proficient in providing a wide range of repairs, maintenance, and tasks around your home and workplace.

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